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How to Choose a Cash Loan?

How to choose a cash loan or installment? First of all, it should be noted that the low interest rate of a loan is often just a marketing gimmick. Banks or financial intermediaries employing this rhetoric usually earn high commissions. Where is the best place to take a cash loan right now in 2015?

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Commercial Overdraft Protection UK

What is a commercial overdraft protection, and why would you want one? Interestingly, you, along with the majority of UK businesses have probably agreed terms of a commercial overdraft with your Bank.The reason that you did this was that it offered you a convenient and simple way to purchase goods, pay staff, or finance any other form of payment to aid the smooth running of your company.

Is there a down-side to commercial overdrafts?

Well, simply stated, whilst an overdraft does give you instant access to cash, it is an expensive method of financing your cashflow. Overdraft facilities are pre-agreed on a rate that follows the Bank of England base rate, and assessed via a template...

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Small Business Loans Bad Credit History

Are small business loans bad credit possible? If you run your own business and you need a loan urgently in order to secure your business or help with cashflow problems it is likely that you will need funds at different points of time for various needs. Whether it is starting or expanding business, purchasing or leasing office space, refinancing equipment or restructuring your balance sheet. Business loans are available from 1,000 to 1,000,000 at highly competitive interest rates from leading commercial loan lenders. However small business loans with bad credit are not so easy to get.

A business loan can be secured by all types of business property, commercial and residential properties.
A business loan is an option that provides the most flexible solution to meet your financial needs...

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What is a Professional Practice Mortgage?

What is a Professional Practice Mortgage? These commercial mortgages are used for the purchase of premises exclusively used for the purposes of dentistry, a doctors surgery, or other similar professional practice business. Commercial mortgages and loans for buying Practices or Consulting facilities are available for both leasehold and freehold purchased property, and for start-up as well as established businesses.

Status-Based Lending Sources in 2014

It is often perceived that the cheapest loans are obtained through High Street lenders. For this reason, Banks head the list when we consider low cost business finance sources...

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Mortgage to buy Pub – how to Finance?

How to finance a pub buy? Mortgage for public house is a commercial mortgage or loan to be used specifically for the purchase of pub. Commercial mortgage lenders define a Pub as a business trading primarily in retail alcohol sales. Pub mortgages are available for purchasing either Freehold or Leasehold property.

Pub Mortgage Requirements

How to qualify for A Pub Mortgage? To qualify for this mortgage the revenue to product ratio of the business must be either:
100% alcohol sales
Primarily alcohol and partial food
Primarily alcohol and partial overnight accommodation
Primarily alcohol and partial overnight accommodation and partial food

Conversely, if the primary revenue of the business comes from food sales and partial alcohol sales, the business is classified as a restaurant...

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International mortgage loan – how to get it?

International mortgage loan or better say international mortgage financing is not so tough to get as you might think. Many loan companies are able to source both commercial and residential mortgages in foreign countries, either directly, or through specialist local packagers. These special financial products are usually sourced “in-country” from premier lending sources such as High Street Banks and world-renowned institutions.

Remember th...

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Owner occupied investment property – how to?

How to get industrial property mortgage loan or so called owner occupied investment property? Industrial property mortgage is a commercial loan to be used for the purchase or re-mortgage of a standalone warehouse unit, an engineering workshop, or any type of premises used for industrial business functions. Premises for this type of mortgage often fall into two categories: Owner Occupied Commercial Premises and Investment Property. Commercial mortgage lenders attach different conditions to each of these categories so we focus in this post on Owner Occupied Industrial Premises.

Owner Occupied Investment Property

To qualify for Owner occupied investment property mortgages the premises has to be used for an industrial purpose, such as manufacturing, engineering or warehousing...

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Do self cert mortgages still exist ?

If  you ask yourself – do self cert mortgages still exist – look for the answer at the end of this post. Let us explain you first what are self cert mortgages. Self-Certified Commercial Mortgages are commercial mortgage loans issued by a lender requiring limited proof of income or business accounts. The process of obtaining a non-status self-cert loan is significantly simpler than status-based commercial mortgage loans that are offered by High Street lenders. This makes the process of obtaining the money faster, involving significantly less investment in time than when securing a status-based mortgage loan.

The Self-Certified Mortgage Application Process

Bridging_LoanThe applicant completes a commercial mortgage application form and signs the contract stating that they can afford to make the month...

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Commercial mortgage interest rates

What are commercial mortgage interest rates? Commercial development loans are used to enable a property developer to secure land and/or buildings and develop a site for sale or renting. In some cases the specialist lender will require the developer to produce a “Property CV”. This will have to show details such as his/her experience with similar projects and their property portfolio. Often a short business justification is required which should describe the reasons for wanting to purchase the site, and the intended development activity. There are several financial products that can be used to support such projects, each having their own advantages and disadvantages.

Commercial mortgage lenders base their lending decisions on many factors. The main factors are:

Industry Sector
Loan ...

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Commercial mortgage financing guide

Commercial mortgage financing is used when the developer wishes to purchase an existing property and simply rent the premises. Before offering the commercial mortgage, lenders will want to ensure that the property value meets the sale price (that it’s not “over” or “under” the sale price), and that the projected rental income would support the payment profile. If the property is currently tenanted, lenders may request copies of the current Tenancy Agreements. LTV’s vary, however, you can achieve 85% of the bricks and mortar value on a self-cert basis from some specialist commercial lenders. Banks tend to offer lower LTV’s and are more likely to attach conditions...

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