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International mortgage loan – how to get it?

International mortgage loan or better say international mortgage financing is not so tough to get as you might think. Many loan companies are able to source both commercial and residential mortgages in foreign countries, either directly, or through specialist local packagers. These special financial products are usually sourced “in-country” from premier lending sources such as High Street Banks and world-renowned institutions.

Remember th...

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Conditions of loan for franchise business

What are Conditions of loan for franchise business?  Lately many lenders started to demand a higher degree of background information before offering franchise loans, and commercial finance in general. Typically, a Franchisee will need to provide lenders with a significant amount of supporting documentation to be considered for franchise finance. Each Franchisor will have developed a legal pack which provides potential franchisees with all of the information necessary for them to make a professional assessment of the business opportunity. Contained in the pack will be a history of the company, sales projections, technical and training requirements, and any other information deemed necessary to the franchisor...

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Loan for franchise business guide

What should you know about loan for franchise business: franchise mortgages and loans? It is one thing wanting to own your own business, but obtaining franchise mortgages or loans to finance the purchase of a ready-made business can be for some, a daunting prospect. Fundamentally, a franchisee should have fully considered the implications of owning the franchise, not only financially, but also in their ability to conduct and bankroll the business, prior to entering into any formal agreements. A significant proportion of franchisees require franchise loans to fund the purchase of their new business venture...

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