Commercial mortgage financing guide

Commercial mortgage financing is used when the developer wishes to purchase an existing property and simply rent the premises. Before offering the commercial mortgage, lenders will want to ensure that the property value meets the sale price (that it’s not “over” or “under” the sale price), and that the projected rental income would support the payment profile. If the property is currently tenanted, lenders may request copies of the current Tenancy Agreements. LTV’s vary, however, you can achieve 85% of the bricks and mortar value on a self-cert basis from some specialist commercial lenders. Banks tend to offer lower LTV’s and are more likely to attach conditions...

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Conditions of loan for franchise business

What are Conditions of loan for franchise business?  Lately many lenders started to demand a higher degree of background information before offering franchise loans, and commercial finance in general. Typically, a Franchisee will need to provide lenders with a significant amount of supporting documentation to be considered for franchise finance. Each Franchisor will have developed a legal pack which provides potential franchisees with all of the information necessary for them to make a professional assessment of the business opportunity. Contained in the pack will be a history of the company, sales projections, technical and training requirements, and any other information deemed necessary to the franchisor...

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Loan for franchise business guide

What should you know about loan for franchise business: franchise mortgages and loans? It is one thing wanting to own your own business, but obtaining franchise mortgages or loans to finance the purchase of a ready-made business can be for some, a daunting prospect. Fundamentally, a franchisee should have fully considered the implications of owning the franchise, not only financially, but also in their ability to conduct and bankroll the business, prior to entering into any formal agreements. A significant proportion of franchisees require franchise loans to fund the purchase of their new business venture...

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Bridging loan finance guide

Read our bridging loan finance guide to learn about getting a bridging loan. When used correctly, bridging loans can be a cost effective method of obtaining funds against property quickly. Clearly, the circumstances of the Loan and the status of the business will effect the willingness of lenders to participate. How much can you borrow, and at what cost? Potentially though a business could anticipate realising up to 100% of purchase price, alternatively between 75% and 80% of property value. Each lender will take a differing view of risk and therefore comparing bridging loan costs is reasonable. Clearly though, time may be a factor, inviting loans from multiple lenders and following their administration, valuation survey and information needs may not be an option...

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How to get a bridging loan?

If you ask yourself – how to get a bridging loan – here’s the answer to all your indecisions. Bridging loans are frequently used to purchase auction properties, or to help fund new property purchases if minor delays are incurred. Companies and individuals can achieve up to 100% of their desired commercial loan, but the costs can be prohibitive. If you decide to take out a bridging loan facility be sure to check both the interest rate and the lender arrangement fees as these can be quite significant.

Commercial bridging loans are short term loans where either a first or second charge against a property is used as security for the money...

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How long does it take to arrange a secured loan?

Wonder how long does it take to arrange a secured loan? The answer should look like this: “it depends”, however read the whole post to find what might happen in your case.

Secured loans or commercial secured loans differ from unsecured loans in that the risk is offset, or secured, against the business premises or residential property owned by individual or company Director. For this reason, secured business loans are usually cheaper than their unsecured equivalent. In many ways a secured loan is similar to a commercial mortgage, however there are some fundamental differences, and reasons to use this type of product rather than undertake a commercial re-mortgage...

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Can I get a secured loan against my pension?

If you are the one who ask – can I get a secured loan against my pension – here’s the guide that will answer your question.

How high can be a loan against your pension? How much can you borrow? As we know secured loans and business loans are very flexible. There are many products, but a typical product profile would look something like this: up to a maximum of 100% LTV ( equity above the Loan to Value), 5 to 30 year term, rates start from 1.5-2.5% over base, 5,000 $ to 500,000 $, self-certified or status based products, prime and sub-prime credit. For instance if your pension is about 5000$ a month you can expect being able to get at least 200,000$. Of course everything depends on few other factors, not only your pension.

secured_loanIs Credit Status an important factor while arranging a secured lo...

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